“Wiggle Butt”

by DFS-Pet-Blog on September 1, 2010


Meet Kallie… a 6-year old Sable Cocker that is one of our many “stars” here at Drs. Foster and Smith. She is featured throughout our catalog as well as our web site either sleeping on a bed, having her eyes cleaned or being groomed.

I asked her owner Julie to tell me a couple things about Kallie. Julie is the fourth and final owner of Kallie. Apparently, all the prior owners had problems training her but Julie had the magic touch and a wonderful bond was formed. When Kallie is not here “working,” she is hunting toads and chipmunks with her sister, Gracie, another Cocker Spaniel. 

Kallie seems to know when she is coming here for a photo shoot since she perks right up in the car. As she approaches our building, her little tail will not stop wagging and she is lovingly known as “Wiggle Butt.”

Please enjoy the videos and photos of “Wiggle Butt.”

Sleeping on the job!

Sleeping on the job!

Kallie is featured on one of the Drs. Foster and Smith product labels!

Kallie is featured on one of the Drs. Foster and Smith product labels!

Busy at work!

Busy at work!


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