Dog Costumes That Inspire Family Fun

by DFS-Pet-Blog on September 10, 2010

Halloween-Dog-Child **Guest post from Ellen B.**

You know you want to! Go ahead and be festive – it’s fun to dress your pet in an adorable Halloween costume!

Consider letting your dog’s costume inspire a family theme and get the whole family dressed up in coordinating Halloween costumes. (Be sure to get a picture, it’ll be a Halloween you’ll want to remember!) There are lots of fun dog costumes available this year. Here are some inspirations for your family or group costume theme:

Banana Dog Costume The Dog Banana Costume is an “A-Peeling” Inspiration!
~ Family Fruit Bowl! Each person and pet dressed as a different fruit. If the mister of the family won’t go along with this theme, have him go “as is” and call him “a peach!”
~ Be a bunch of monkeys and your dog can be your banana!
~ Go bananas and have everyone dress as a “bunch of bananas.”
Dog Lady Bug Costume Your family will be “cute as a bug” with this lady bug costume.
~ Lady bugs tend to come in bunches, and I’ve seen lots of childrens’ lady bug costumes.
~ Each person can be their own unique insect. Go crazy and invent a new, crazy-looking insect!
Bee Dog Costume The bee costume is a “sweet” base for a creative theme!
~ Be a colony of bees!
~ Nature provides the idea of adding a flower to this dog bee costume. (The pictured flower costume is as sweet as can be!)
~ Accompany this bee in a jar of honey costume.
Dog Super Hero Costume Who’s Your Favorite Super Hero?
~ Be a family of assorted super heroes!
Halloween-Pumpkin-and-Dog Keep it Simple!
Either the “Creature of the Night” or the “Does Tricks for Treats” bandanas are festive and go with anything.

Do be respectful to your dog – don’t put him in a costume that makes him uncomfortable. If he doesn’t like things on his head, avoid costumes with hats. Here’s a helpful video that shows how to get your dog to like wearing a costume. And, always be safe. (Halloween Pet Safety Tips)

One more idea…Go wild and offer neighbor dogs festive Halloween dog treats! The dogs will love you for it, as well as the fellow dog owners who will remember your thoughtfulness in thinking of their little pooch.
Halloween Dog Treats

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Happy Halloween

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