Cat Toys to Encourage Natural Instincts

by DFS-Pet-Blog on September 22, 2010

Cat Toys

Cats love to chase. They love to bat, pounce, bite, scratch, and wrestle. Let’s face it: they just love to play. Give your cat the intellectual and instinctual stimulation she desires and ignite your cat’s senses with cat toys that sparks her hunting instinct.

In the wild, cats are motivated by prey such as birds, rodents, bugs, squirrels, and chipmunks. Although our house cats are domesticated, they never really lose touch with their hunting instinct. For that reason, you may find them in the basement hunting down mice, spiders, or anything else that moves. By providing your cat with the same play options at home that she’d find in the wild, you can satisfy your cat’s hunting instinct more safely.

Da Bird Cat Toy

You’ve seen the way your cat sits by the window and longingly gazes at the birds outside. Now she can stalk them in the house with play toys designed to mimic the movement and look of a real bird. Da Bird gives your feline a feathered friend – watch him jump into the air trying to catch it.

The Fling-ama-String gives your cat a chance to catch something moving during an entertaining game of hide and seek. Just sit back and watch – let the cat toy do the work!

Cheesewedge Cat Toy

“Cat and Mouse” is an age-old game, and one that always keeps your cat interested. The popular Cheesewedge of Plush Mice gives your cat 48 fun prey to bat at – and are a bargain at 52 cents a piece.

Peek-A-Prize Cat Toy

Hunting comes naturally for your cat. For a heavy, sturdy place to perch and hunt, we recommend the Ultimate Scratching Post. Not only does it save your furniture and satisfy your cat’s desire to scratch, but you can put it next to a window so your cat can jump on top and stalk outside birds from a safe distance. The Peek-a-Prize Toy Box lets you stash a combination of toys and treats in the holes for a fun afternoon challenge.

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Rosemary September 22, 2010 at 10:48 am

I’ve heard of some studies in the last few years about where cats were first domesticated, and when. The theory put forth in one study is that cats are still in the process of domestication, and are not yet fully domesticated. This study points out that there is very little size difference (basically 20 to 30 lbs.) between the largest and smallest cat breeds, and that Felis Domesticus still has roughly the same size dentition as a similar sized wild cat. Dogs, as you know, vary greatly in size from smallest to largest breeds, and even though a Malamute or Rottweiller may be the same size as a wolf, their teeth are considerably smaller. Dogs vary greatly in body type, from sighthound to mastiff to spitz, but there is actually very little variation in cats, even from Persian to Oriental. Also, even though there are many coat colors and patterns, the most common color is still brown (usually ticked) tabby, similar to many wild cat species, while only a few dog breeds still retain the agouti coloring of wolves. One other interesting note about domestic cats is that they hunt more species of prey than any other cat, large or small, in the world.

That being said, just remember the two Kitty Cat Golden Rules. Number 1: “Anything not nailed down is a cat toy. Anything nailed down is a scratching post.” Number 2: “If you can’t eat it or shred it, then sleep on it.”

My cats have toys and scratching posts and towers. The still prefer to play with the pen you are trying to write checks with, or your shoelaces as you are trying to tie your shoes. And to scratch the couch and dining room chairs (or your leg, if its in the way). Of course, nothing is so much fun to hunt as your foot as you are asleep in bed, in the dark, and that roll of toilet paper or paper towels doesn’t stand a chance of ecaping the mighty hunter (or huntress, as the case might be).

Ellen B. September 22, 2010 at 3:56 pm

Rosemary, you have the best stories! Your cats are soooo lucky to have you. Still laughing at the thought of the “mighty hunter!” Thanks for sharing, looking forward to more of your comments.

Adele September 22, 2010 at 6:55 pm

My cat has a couple toy mice but his favorite toy time and again are my pony tail holders. He is pretty much obsessed with them and will even take it out of my hair if I’m wearing a pony tail. He sniffs them out and can find them even if I try to hide them from him. I have no clue why the obsession but it sure is funny!

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