WHAT is that SMELL? (Part 2)

by DFS-Pet-Blog on August 9, 2010

Written by Dallas M. who works in Drs. Foster and Smith’s Technical Support Department.


In my last post, I shared the story about my dog’s encounter with a skunk, and how we used a great recipe to get the smell off of our dog. Removing the smell from our house turned out to be an even bigger challenge.

Unfortunately, my husband had brought the dog into the house (a no-no) and the suffocating smell had quickly worked its way throughout the house. It reached every nook and cranny from our closets to my purse! Because it was chilly that night, it had also gotten into the furnace filter and every time the heat kicked on, the smell was renewed. Armed with a can of air freshener I spent the rest of the night trying to sleep.

After only a few hours, I couldn’t take it any longer. I turned off the heat, and opened every window in the house. I then sat by an open window and got online to get tips on how to remove this awful stench from my house while waiting for the small store in my town to open at 8am.


As soon as the store opened I ran in, (apologizing to the cashier for the horrible stench that was attached to me) and bought three bottles of Extra Strength Febreeze, a container of carpet powder with baking soda, a bottle of bleach, a bottle of white vinegar and a spray bottle.

Luckily it was a beautiful spring day so I was able to take all of the rugs outside to air out in the sun. I then attacked the bathroom where the smell seemed to be the strongest. After the bathroom, I proceeded to clean and wipe down any surface that my dog may have come into contact with on the mad dash to the bathroom.

After several hours of cleaning, the smell had dissipated to a tolerable level. The next day I also purchased some Odor Crystals from our Retail Store to help absorb the lingering odor. It still took several weeks for the smell to entirely disappear. I ended up having to replace my bathroom rug and shower curtain as I could not get the smell out no matter what I did. The furnace filter was also replaced.

The smell may be gone from my house. However, it has not left my memory. I am now very, very careful when letting my dog outside at night.

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Rosemary August 9, 2010 at 10:24 am

My Mom’s Russian Blue got sprayed by a skunk once. This was a good 20 years ago, but I still have to laugh when I think about giving him a bath with tomato juice. He was NOT amused. Blue (don’t look at me, he came to us as an adult,aready named) wasn’t badly sprayed, thank goodness, and the tomato juice did the trick, although he was orange for while.

JJ Henry September 1, 2011 at 2:42 pm

The exact same thing happened to me. My dog loves bothering the skunks. I tried a few things, but my friend turned me on turned me on to doggiCLEEN and it worked wonders.

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