A Bicycle Built for Three

by DFS-Pet-Blog on August 4, 2010

**Guest post from Jackie A.**

When I moved to the Northwoods of Wisconsin, I was excited to go biking here, as there are some wonderful bike trails with amazing scenery right behind my house. My fiance and I have both enjoyed this hobby for some time, as it was a great way to spend some time together, be outdoors, and get a bit of exercise. However, after we got our dogs, Murphy and Baxter, we sometimes felt a bit guilty for spending all this fun time outside without them. Of course, they got their walks in, but we could always see them poking their heads in the living room window begging to join us as we rode out of the driveway towards the bike trail.

Eventually the guilt got to me; I had to find a way for them to be able to come with us on our bike outings. My dogs are small, Baxter is 10lbs and Murphy 13lbs, so running alongside the bike with something like the Walky Dog Bike attachment is not really an option because they could never keep up with us. I also looked at a few baskets that would attach to the handlebars, but did not feel they were right for me. I wanted something both dogs could sit together in, and those baskets only hold about 12-14lbs, fine for one dog, but not both.

One day, I happened to walk by our video studio and saw our studio director Jeff pushing a bike trailer/stroller that he had just used in a video shoot. I was intrigued by this as it was something that would certainly fit both my dogs together. I did some more inspecting, thought it really felt durable, and sturdy- extremely important because some of the trails we take are a bit bumpy or hilly. I never thought I would buy something like this, because, well, I thought it was silly and these types of trailers are surely only for children to ride in, not dogs! But seeing their pouting faces when we peddled out of the driveway was enough for me to forget those thoughts aside and buy the trailer so they could join us.

Murphy and Baxter ready for a ride. Murph always has to be in front.

Murphy and Baxter ready for a ride. Murph always has to be in front.

Turns out, the trailer has been a great treat for them! The openings are mesh, so they can let their ears flap in the wind. They wear their harnesses and are clipped onto a safety strap so they cannot get loose. There is also a thin mat lining the bottom of the trailer. I did put a blanket on the bottom because the material on the mat is slippery, and the blanket is soft and keeps them from sliding around. They can see out all of the openings, so they can watch forward, or see me riding behind them while my fiance pulls them (Yes folks- feel free to laugh. It is funny to see my fiance, a big burly guy, pulling a bike trailer with two toy breed dogs aboard). Also, the trailer is not overly heavy, so makes for a smooth ride. There are several pockets, so we pack their leashes and a few treats in case we want to stop somewhere along the trail, like a lake or park, they are able to join us.

This product may not be for everyone, but might be something to consider if you have a senior dog or small dog that is not able to keep up with you on your bike.

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Peggy August 4, 2010 at 11:45 am

This looks like fun! I wonder if my cocker-spaniel size dog would enjoy the ride!

Jack Stepongzi August 23, 2010 at 9:57 pm

On the other end of the spectrum is riding your bike with a larger very active dog which the Dog Bike Walker handles very well. I have an American Eskimo I can never work all the energy out of without the use of my bike. So I attach her to the blke jogger and we both get our exercise together.

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