Empty Nesters

by DFS-Pet-Blog on June 22, 2010

Who knew this robin's nest would bring so much joy to the home!

Who knew this robin's nest would bring so much joy to the home!

We never thought a mother robin and her four babies would captivate us but they did! About six weeks ago, we noticed a nest was being built on a wreath on our back door so we decided to not use the door and see what developed. The first couple of weeks it wasn’t too bothersome not being able to use the door but then it started to become inconvenient for us UNTIL we saw the robin on the nest… ever so patiently waiting for her babies to be born.

It was interesting that when anyone would walk into our backyard, she would leave her nest, fly to a tree, and start squawking in an effort to distract the “predator.” I did have to work in my flower garden and she was starting to irritate me… and she just didn’t believe me when I would tell her I only wanted to weed my flower bed so I walked away so she could go back to her nest and I could enjoy some peace and quiet.

The wonder of nature

The wonder of nature

We are not sure when the babies were born, but all of a sudden, there appeared four little heads peaking out of the top of the nest. It was actually fun to watch them when they were being fed or when they were trying to fly. Our grandchildren were enchanted with them as much as we were.

As with a litter of pups, there was the bully and then the runt. The bully worked so hard to be the first to be fed and I am sure he was the first to leave the nest. When I came home from work a couple nights ago, my husband informed me that three of the babies had left the nest and the runt was still there. I was quite concerned that the mother would abandon the baby but she did not. Last night when I came home from work, my husband informed me that we are now official “empty nesters” again…

We carefully took the nest down as we promised it to our grandson Cody and as I swept the porch, I thought about the past 6 weeks of not being able to use our back door. It wasn’t THAT bad and as I look out at the empty wreath, I kind of miss them and hope that they are safe.


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