Tips to Prevent Dog Dehydration

by DFS-Pet-Blog on June 29, 2010

**Guest post from Ellen B.**

Summer is known for beach excursions and days at the park. However, hot summer days can be dangerous for your dog. Take extra care to keep your pet hydrated, whether he stays indoors or outdoors.

TIP: Have more than 1 bowl of water available for your pet. Did you ever notice how if you have a glass of ice water handy, you are likely to drink it? Same with your pets – make it convenient so they don’t forget to drink. I even keep one in the room where my dog sleeps.


TIP: Bring a portable water container if you take your pet on a walk or car ride. I take this Handi-Drink water bottle on my nightly walks with Kobe. I give him a water break every 1 mile. It’s amazing how hydrating him BEFORE he gets thirsty gives him more energy to finish the walk.

TIP: When out and about, toss your dog ice chips from your cooler. He’ll think he’s getting a treat, and you know he’s getting hydrated!

TIP: Consider purchasing an automated water bowl. Some models keep your pet’s water clean and cool.

TIP: Just like you prefer to drink from a clean glass, so does your pet. Avoid bacteria by cleaning his bowl every day. A scrub brush designated for the pet water bowl makes this easy–a quick once over does it. (By our sink, I keep the type of brush that holds dish soap in the handle.)


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Jazz August 18, 2010 at 1:08 pm

GREAT tips on pet dehydration, so very helpful *smile* I just read a story of Eleven-year-old Labrador blowing the horn of the car to get the attention of his owner. A lady takes her dog with her to ran an errand and comes back home, pulls in the driveway and forgets the poor dog in the car, after a hour home, while cleaning, she heard a horn blow, she stops cleaning to investigate but doesn’t see anyone so she went back inside to finish cleaning, after the second time she realizes its her dog trying to get her attention and see’s the Labrador in the drivers seat. Eleven-year-old Max is fine and health.. that’s one smart doggie! The best thing to do in summer months is leave your pet home and not in the car, even with the window down its still way to hot for it, like being in a oven…

Aaron June 7, 2011 at 1:50 pm

I’ve gone through two Handi-Drink bottles in the past 10 years – they stand up to quite a beating! Way better than a bottle of water with a collapsible bowl – they clip right to your belt. It’s the best thing to take with you on a walk along with your own water bottle – your pets get thirsty too. 🙂

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