Benefits of a Pondless Waterfall

by Aquatics on April 18, 2010

Written by Dallas M. who works in Drs. Foster and Smith’s Technical Support Department.

A stunning pondless waterfall that requires virtually no maintenance!

A stunning pondless waterfall that requires virtually no maintenance!

Want the relaxing sounds of a waterfall without the hassle of a pond? Then a pondless waterfall kit may be for you. Items such as the PondBuilder Mini Cascading Waterfall Kit or one of the other many fountains sold by Drs. Foster and Smith.

Some of the benefits of a pondless waterfall are:

  • They do not take up a lot of space. These are ideal for those with a small yard and can be customized to fit in the space available.
  • Safer for children. Traditional ponds can pose a potential drowning hazard. Pondless waterfalls do not have any standing water.
  • Very low maintenance. No chemicals are needed, no testing, and no fish. This increases the amount of time spent enjoying the waterfall.
  • Cost savings. There is less equipment and it does not have to be run all of the time which will save on energy costs.
  • Less mosquitoes than a traditional pond. Mosquitoes need stagnant water to reproduce.
  • Much easier to install than a traditional pond.
  • Will add aesthetic appeal to a non-descript landscape.

With a pondless waterfall, you will get all of the benefits of a pond without the hassle and expense of a pond. The soothing sounds of moving water will create a relaxing retreat in your very own yard.

For more information on pondless waterfalls, be sure to read the article Pondless Waterfalls: Re-think Waterfall Features.

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