Pond Algae

by Aquatics on April 2, 2010

Written by Gwen S. who works in Drs. Foster and Smith’s Technical Support Department.


Summer is on its way, the ice has melted, and the most popular question we get this time of year is on pond algae. Pond algae can be a nuisance but there are ways to help reduce or prevent algae blooms.

Once the water warms up and you are able to turn on your pumps and filters, it is time to test your water and add a biological additive. Biological additives will help give your pond a boost in the process of breaking down  the organic material left over from the year before. A few customer favorite biological additives would be the Microb-Lift Series or Foster and Smith’s brand name Revitalize.

By testing your water for ammonia, nitrates, phosphates, and pH, you will be on the right track to having a great looking pond all summer long. Taking care of the water quality will not only help reduce algae outbreaks, but it will provide a healthy environment for your fish. If you have high levels of nitrates or organic materials in the pond, a water change should be the first step. While performing the water change, the debris at the bottom of the pond should be removed by using products such as the WaterGarden Outfitters Pond Vacuum XPV External Pond Vacuum or the Laguna Pond Nets and Skimmers. If the debris is left to break down in the pond, it will offer food to the nuisance algae and leave a brown murky look to your pond.


If your pond was built in an area with a large amount of direct sunlight daily, shading the water will help fight the green water or suspended algae. There are different plants available through LiveAquaria.com that can be used to help shade your pond as well as artificial decorations and liquid shading products available through Foster and Smith Aquatics. Another great product to help fight that ugly green water would be a UV sterilizer. UV Sterilizers will help you maintain a crystal clear pond all summer long.

Pond-WaterfallA few other products that will kill existing algae in ponds are AlgaeFix, CrystalClear, and GreenClean. Please remember these products as well as the other algaecides that we offer may reduce oxygen levels in ponds and should be used in conjunction with an air pump.

There is also a new product that we are excited to be offering this year. The IonGen Electronic Pond Clarifier is a low-voltage system that you can install inline or submerged that releases a mixture of positive copper, silver and zinc ions. When the ions are released into the water, the algae believe it is fertilizer and it will consume the mixture. Once the algae in your pond consume the ions, it will start to die off allowing you to enjoy your crystal-clear pond water.

We hope the information in this article will help you maintain a great looking pond all summer long. However, if you have any questions regarding your pond or the pond supplies we offer, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-443-1160.

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