How To Prevent Bird Window Collisions

by DFS-Pet-Blog on April 22, 2010

Written by Beth G. who works in Drs. Foster and Smith’s Internet Creative Department.

Bird-RobinFor the last 2 Springs I have had nesting robins in my yard that like to fly into the windows. They actually make their way around the house, hitting each window in succession. I wanted to put a stop to this behavior because a) the poor robin may be hurting himself and b) the loud bangs make it hard to sleep past daybreak.

When this first happened last year, I read about hanging silhouettes of flying birds cut out of paper on the windows. I tried that and it really did the trick. Apparently, seeing something in the glass makes the birds stop attacking it. But as soon as I took the paper birds off of the windows, they began flying into them again. 

This year when the robins were back at it again, I decided to try a more aesthetic alternative by buying decals that cling to your window. They come in a variety of styles. I opted for the hummingbird shapes. The birds see the decals more vividly on the outside of the window than we do inside because they reflect UV light.

So, hanging something on your windows really does help reduce bird window collisions, whether it be a homemade version or store-bought window decals. It’s a lot quieter in the mornings now and the robin isn’t using up so much energy flying into his reflection.

suet bird feeder

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