Crate Training Your Puppy

by DFS-Pet-Blog on March 30, 2010

Boston Terrier**Guest post from Tina C.**

We recently welcomed a Boston Terrier puppy named Daisy into our family. One of the decisions you need to make right away is how you are going to train your new pet. This will need the full cooperation of the entire family to be successful.

Teaching your dog tricks is fun, but as I enjoy a clean and nice smelling house, housebreaking was at the top of my training To-Do list. Depending on your situation, you might use a crate, Piddle Pads, or a combination.

Crate training is widely recommended as a tool to aid not only in housebreaking, but also to keep your pet safe during the day while you are out. As my husband and I both work during the day, crate training is a very good option for us.

Reasons why Crate Training is Effective:

  1. It provides a den-like environment for your puppy, which satisfies an ingrained need.
  2. Most dogs are reluctant to soil where they sleep, so they will “hold it” for as long as they are able to.
  3. It keeps your pet safe and away from hazards such as electrical cords and your new dining room chairs that are not meant to be chewed on.
  4. The crate can also be used as a travel home when visiting relatives, or a travel carrier on airlines or in the car.

Let’s get started. First you need to choose a plastic crate or wire kennel.  Whichever type you prefer, it should have air flow on all sides. This article can help you chose the right type of crate for you:  How to Choose a Wire Kennel or Plastic Crate .

I chose a plastic crate for Daisy that had both front and top doors.

Daisy waits patiently for her crate to be opened when we get home.

Daisy waits patiently for her crate to be opened when we get home.

Make the crate a place that your puppy will enjoy. You can use a plush pad or blanket for your pup to lie on. Be sure to include a safe chew toy or two for your pet to occupy herself while she is awake in the crate.

To entice your puppy to welcome the crate, place a treat inside and let her go in and out a few times by herself without shutting the door. Praise your puppy each time she goes  inside. Use a command such as “kennel” each time your puppy enters the crate to help with teaching your pet to go in the crate on command.  Pretty soon she will think that the crate is the best place in the world to be. Lucky for me, Daisy caught on to this right away and will often lie in her open crate during the day when we are home.

Try to limit the time your puppy is in the crate to only 3-4 hours at a time at first. After all, your puppy has a small bladder and can only hold it for so long!

When crate training, you should take your pet outside right before placing her in the crate and immediately after letting her out of the crate. We use the command “go potty” when outside each time Daisy goes so she knows it is business time. As we got her during the winter, she doesn’t waste anytime at all standing around in the cold, but will go almost the moment her paws hit the snow-covered grass.

Daisy is also in the crate at night. At almost 12 weeks old, she sleeps soundly though the night and has not had a single accident in the crate. Some puppies might wake up in the middle of the night and need to go out. It is important to be ready for this. The more you are aware of your puppy’s needs, the better chance of success you will have with housetraining.

If your puppy does have an accident in her crate, clean it up quickly and replace the bedding. If you allow your pet to lie in or track around soiled bedding, she may think it is acceptable behavior. Remember, you should only scold your pet for misdeeds that you actually catch her in the act of.

Even after your pet is housetrained, having a crate available gives your pet a safe place to rest at night or during the day.

How did you housetrain your pet? Please share your experience or funny story in a comment!

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PJBoosinger April 16, 2010 at 2:47 pm

I LOVE crates. I used to think them “cruel” but I’ve been totally converted by my DOGS. When I got 2 puppies of different sizes, I thought crating a necessary evil just in case they didn’t get along and SURPRISE they love their crates. It’s their own safety zone and a place they can escape too to sleep blissfully and without being disturbed by others. Have brought in 2 older dogs since then. One was a bit resistant at first and the other was obviously already crate trained. Now I have 4 dogs who adore their crates whether the door is open so they can come and go on their own of the door is closed because they seem to understand that is for their own safety. SO COOL, crate train them all!

Dort December 23, 2010 at 10:58 pm

I’m so happy you invented the super large. I have a miniature dachshund, and because I have Meniere’s and a broken back because of it, I can’t take my dog out for going. I started him on the classic size and it was funny but also sad to see him struggling to pee and poop on the little pads. He could only get one onthe pad and the other ibn the linoleum!

When you came out with the larger size and the double tray, he could be successful. He liked it even better when I put the classic in the center of the superlarge. He pees on the classic as a target and poops on the superlarge. Since he pees more than he poops, I only have to replace the classic which saves money.

He trained quickly as he got a treat each time I discovered he’d used the pad! If I go too long without noticing, he comes to me and barks once. He is now 2 1/2 years old and sowell trained that the other day he followed me out to the mailboxes. For the first time in his life he peed outside because he couldn’t hold it. Then he ran into the house and pooped on his pad; then he came back outside where I was sifting through the junk mail! I thought that ws great!!!

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