Drs. Foster & Smith and the Fish Aquarium Hobby

by DFS-Pet-Blog on February 2, 2010

**Guest post from Ellen B.**

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Race Foster, one of the owners of Drs. Foster & Smith, about the fish aquarium hobby, and even pond keeping. Although I don’t have a fish aquarium nor a backyard pond, our conversation sparked in me a new appreciation for aquatics hobbies. Whether you are a hobbyist or not, I hope you enjoy the following interview:

FosterAndSmithAquaticsQ. According to a National Pet Owners Survey (APPA), 14 million US households own aquarium fish (freshwater & saltwater). Why do you think aquarium-keeping is so popular?
A. It’s an educational hobby that becomes a lifestyle. Bringing elements of the oceans and lakes into your home is enjoyable and provides a lifetime of learning opportunities. Having aquariums, understanding the oceans and reefs, or enjoying a pond in your yard enriches your life with fascinating learning experiences. The more you learn, the greater your appreciation for fish and the ecosystems in which they live. Whether you’re interested in ecological systems of oceans and lakes or fascinated by beautiful corals and fish, there is an endless amount you can learn and appreciate.

Quite interestingly, our current busy lifestyle plays a role in making this hobby so popular. Often, people go snorkeling or diving or visit breath-taking water gardens on vacation. It sparks an interest and appreciation for the aquatic life they have seen. After the vacation is over, the memories and interest linger until they develop into a hobby that brings the vacation atmosphere right into their home or yard.

Q. How does the aquarium hobby fit into the fast-paced and high-tech American lifestyle?
A. Aquariums provide a calming atmosphere and are a stress reliever. That’s why so many dentist offices and restaurants have aquariums – people like to look at them and unwind! Aquariums are also well suited for small, urban living spaces. With aquariums, hectic life in the city can be smoothed over with moments of beauty and peace. The aquarium hobby is a reflection of our high-tech popular culture. It embraces technology to provide more time for leisure. Advances in technology allow hobbyists to recreate the beauty of the ocean with greater ease.

Let’s not forget about pond keeping and water gardening. Ponds are increasingly becoming a part of the busy American lifestyle. As life becomes more fast-paced, we look for comfort and security in our home lives. By creating a nature sanctuary right in their backyard, pond enthusiasts enjoy a tranquil and restful outdoor space only a few steps outside their living rooms. Imagine bringing nature to your property and enjoying the simple things in life like frogs and other local wildlife. Ponds and water gardens provide a perfect outdoor setting to reenergize your spirit and reconnect with family and friends.

Q. The aquarium hobby seems like a knowledge-intensive hobby. How does Drs. Foster & Smith make it easier for hobbyists?
A. Education is one of our core philosophies. Explore our site to find answers to common questions in a multimedia platform. Find downloadable articles, product manuals, educational videos and product videos. For more personal assistance, please feel free to contact us. Our staff experts devote their work day to the pond and aquarium industry. We encourage questions via our customers or any hobbyist. Anyone can contact us through our website. We’re eager to share our knowledge.

Q. What are the advantages of purchasing through Drs. Foster & Smith over other similar websites or “brick and mortar” stores?
A. As a veterinarian-owned company, we have a deep respect for life. We strive to provide the best care for animals whether they have scales or fur. Quite simply, we know and love ponds and aquariums!

Together with our broad selection of products and an entire staff of dedicated customer service representatives, the Drs. Foster & Smith advantage is our commitment to you and your aquatic hobby.

FishQ. Drs. Foster & Smith has played an important role as an industry-leader. How will you carry on this tradition?
A. We will continue to emphasize education. Our philosophy is to make sure you have access to supplies AND the know-how to properly care for the aquatic life you maintain in your home aquarium or pond. As industry-leaders, we will look for and offer the latest in product innovations. However, as veterinarians, we will continue to take an active role in promoting responsible aquarium and pond ownership. Whether offering “green,” eco-friendly products or increasing awareness about invasive species, our goal is to offer sensible alternatives, educate aquarists and reduce the impact on the natural populations of aquatic animals. We support efforts to help improve sustainability of the aquarium trade and are committed to working with the companies and organizations who share our same philosophy; ones who deal with the most ethical and responsible suppliers.

Q. What do you feel is going to be the most memorable experience for hobbyists when they visit Drs. Foster & Smith?
A. The peace of mind knowing you are getting the best information available regarding the aquarium hobby and pond keeping.

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Ellen B. October 4, 2010 at 2:09 pm

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