The Best Way To Give a Pet As a Gift

by DFS-Pet-Blog on December 3, 2009

Puppy GiftThe heartwarming scene of a puppy coming out of the gift box on Christmas morning is…well, heartwarming. But, here are 3 good reasons to wait until after the holiday season:

  • The noise and busy atmosphere of the holidays may frighten a kitten or puppy at a time in his life when he may be least able to deal with it.
  • When you wait before getting your pet, you may avoid the “new toy” syndrome: to be played with and then ignored when the excitement of being new is lost. Saving the thrill of a new pet until after the holidays means that the whole family will be involved in the responsibility a “new baby” brings.
  • Successful housetraining needs a regular schedule. Most of us cannot provide this needed routine during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Is your family ready for a pet? If so, here is a 2-step process that will prolong the excitement and give you great results!

How to give an after holiday pet, and still have your child’s face light up:

Step 1: Wrap up a photo of the new puppy. The breeder or humane society will be happy to let you take one.

Step 2: Make up a special pet package which could include:

For Dogs For Cats
Food and Water Dishes
Dog Care Books
Grooming Supplies
Dental Care Supplies
Ear Care Products
Dog Treats
Dog Bed
Collar and Leash
Cage or Crate
Food and Water Dishes
Cat Care Books
Brush or Comb
Ear Care Products
Cat Treats
Cat Furniture
Cat Toys

Remember that anticipation, after all, is half the fun of a gift!

This is a summary. For more info, see the full article.

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