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by DFS-Pet-Blog on December 9, 2009

**Guest post from Ellen B.**

Looking for a special dog toy to get your pooch? Our blog authors are REAL pet lovers and offer their top recommended dog toys based on their dog’s preference and chewing habits.

Ellen with her dog, Kobe

Ellen with her dog, Kobe

Ellen B. – Kobe particularly likes the Bouncy Bone chew toy. It’s extremely durable and he goes nuts over the replaceable rawhide disks. He also likes soft toys that make noise – like the crinkly sound when he shakes the Crinkle Critter Bug Toys, and the crunching noise as he bites on the Water Bottle Buddy.
Melissa R. – Mocca has always enjoyed her toys and will in fact, play for a long time all on her own – rolling, shaking and tossing whatever toy it is she is currently enamored with. A toy with a squeaky is a must however – things that don’t squeak don’t get much attention. Her favorites include smaller furry toys such as the Booda Squatters, and larger toys for some good shaking & tugging like the Squeak N Grunters Gorilla (an all time favorite we have purchased a couple of!). And our newest purchase is the Mega Squeaker (16 squeakers in 1 toy!!!) – Mocca can’t get enough of this one right now.

Mocca loves liver treats!

Mocca loves liver treats!

Thielman_FNL2 Chris T. – Four dogs means four times the chewing on every toy I bring home! Our dogs love to gnaw on the Nylabone Durables. This great chew toy can withstand the most determined chewer I have, our Lab Greta. Anyone looking for a long lasting, dog pleasing chew toy should look no further! If you have a puppy around, try the Nylabone Flexibone.
Tina C. – Karma, my lab mix, loves squeakers. The problem is, I do not love picking up all the fluff from the living room floor when the stuffed toy finally gives out. I bought a couple Skinneez toys last year for her and they are still going strong. She carries them around in her mouth like a security blanket. I just toss them in the washing machine every couple of days to get them all nice and clean. blog-Tina_01

Holly and her new dog, Kirby.

Holly and her new dog, Kirby.

Holly N. – Kirby is an aggressive chewer. We needed to find dog toys that were extremely durable and could stand up to those strong teeth and jaws. We did find several that have stood the test of time and that he very much enjoys.

The first is the Dogzilla Dumbell. It is tough, fun to chew, takes some interesting bounces, and has a hollow end in which we stuff a little peanut butter now and then.

The second is the Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone with Gnawhide Dog Treats. Kirby enjoys chewing on this Bouncy Bone and when it gets away from him and wobbles away, he likes to pounce on it and take it back to his bed for more fun. When we really want to keep Kirby occupied, we add one or two of the Gnawhide rings to the toy.

Finally Kirby really loves the pressed rawhides. They provide a flavor-filled outlet, and stand up much better to his tough chewing than regular rawhides. We do always monitor Kirby when he has a rawhide to make sure he doesn’t chew off large pieces, and we don’t allow him to chew a whole one in one sitting. Instead we take it away after an inch or two is gone, let it harden up again, and then give it to him again later in the week.

Barb S. – There is no hard and fast prediction of what a certain breed will like in a toy. For instance, all four of my Newfoundlands were/are vastly different in the toys they enjoy.

My first Newf Bozeman had interest only in toys because they were his and his alone. He preferred soft toys, but with any toy, he made sure no other dog or human could find them by “burying” them in the backyard.

Of my next two, littermates, Baci was hard on toys and would chew up any soft toy that was given to him. He was a very clever and active dog, though, so I noticed that he LOVED interactive toys and in fact, his Buster Cube and Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug from years ago are still going strong. Dulse, his brother, loves plush toys and carried his current “baby” around when he was especially happy, like when I got home from work or when he gets a treat. Dulse, as a “foodophile”, loves all treats, but it took him years to figure out that he could not hold a toy AND get a treat at the same time – I often had to “exchange” one for the other! Egg Babies are his current favorite.

My newest Newf, Rudder, is also really hard on toys and destroys any soft toy that is lying around – I have to use a storage container with a lid to safeguard the toys. He uses Baci’s interactive toys, but just CRAVES any fetchable item, so I use the Hyperdog Ball Launcher outside so he can run.


Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone

Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone

Dogzilla Chew Toy

Dogzilla Chew Toy

Skinneez Stuffing Free Dog Toys

Skinneez Stuffing Free Dog Toys

See Drs. Foster and Smith’s entire selection of dog toys.

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Omar Reyes (Dog Care Journey) December 9, 2009 at 9:32 am

Hi Tina,

I agree with you on the Skinneez. Misha has the fox and the raccoon and they have been going for well over a year now. They are her favorite toys. Of course they are missing their ears :-), but at least they still have their squeakers.

I think I may need to get her the skunk for Christmas.

Omar Reyes

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