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by DFS-Pet-Blog on December 15, 2009

I have been writing a lot about dog beds recently, and that made me think of my attitude towards beds when I first started working at Drs. Foster & Smith.  It is a world’s difference. Now I see how much my dogs appreciate a comfortable area.  Honestly, 10 years ago, I thought that as long as the dog had his own blanket, he would be fine.

Now, I counted, and I have 12 beds around my home (keep in mind that I used to have three dogs and now I have two) and my dogs use every one of them. I have them, of course, for the bedroom, but also for the office, the living room, the deck, the basement, and even a couple of them outside in their kennels – although they don’t spend a lot of time there! I have orthopedic beds, polyfil beds, bolster beds (they LOVE those), all kinds.

Although the dogs have plenty of places to lie on the floor- which they prefer in the hot summer, invariably they will each choose a comfortable bed. I have had times when only one bed was available in a room when another was being washed, and although “the boys” have never fought for a space, if the more dominant one has been lying on the bed, and dares to get up for a drink of water or to investigate the cat, the more submissive one will quickly run over to lie on the bed. I have seen this more than once.

Speaking of cats, since they crave warmth so much, they appreciate beds even more than dogs do. Max, my cat, has a warming pad on the Classi-Cat I put in the bay window (the better to spy on the birds!), but also spends a lot of time in his Slumber Ball, especially now that the frigid weather is here.

Upside down is when you can tell a dog really likes where he is sleeping. Here is Baci a couple of years ago on a polyfil bed we used to sell. He was NOT comfortable at all, you can tell – very modest, also.

Baci taking a snooze on an old DFS bed that's still in use!

Baci taking a snooze on an old DFS bed that's still in use!

Think your dog doesn’t need a bed? Try one and find out – make sure you observe your dog where he or she sleeps now to see sleeping patterns to best determine what kind of bed would be best for him or her. Check out this excellent article about the three major types of beds and which sleep styles fit with which beds.

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Ellen B. December 15, 2009 at 9:38 am

Barb – Like you, I also changed my opinion about dog beds once I started working here. My black lab (Lucky) ended up with 5 beds, all in different rooms. He even had a “sleep over bed” because my teens so often had friends over, and Lucky wanted right in the middle of the action all night long. He loved all his beds, and looked so cute all snuggled up.

When we brought our current dog (Kobe) home from the shelter, it quickly became obvious that he was allowed on furniture in his previous home. Since he’s only 20 pounds and fairly mellow, we somehow abandoned our “no dogs on furniture” rule. Although he has 4 dog beds, he doesn’t use them quite as often as Lucky did. Kobe does regularly use the one we keep in his crate, and I think he appreciated the upgrade from a blanket to a bed in there.

Keri K. December 15, 2009 at 2:52 pm

When I mentioned my in-laws’ dog Grif in the dog toys blog post, I had to email them to check on his age. I can’t believe that he’s ten years old already! He’s still pretty spry, but that’s no puppy anymore. For Christmas, I’m bringing him a self-warming Crate Pad… I think everyone will like it because it’s compact and easy to move around, and would be extra helpful to him if he needs to be outside in his doghouse for any length of time. Plus it comes in black plush to match shed Black Lab hair, which I think my mother-in-law will appreciate…

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