No Ears? No Problem!

by DFS-Pet-Blog on November 14, 2009

**Guest post from Tina C.**

After the loss of my dachshund, Copper, my daughter started to hint about adding a new pet to our family.  She and I went to our Local Animal Shelter “just to look.” You know where this is going…..

We were at the shelter early on a Saturday morning. Somehow, I was still deluding myself that we would not actually be bringing a pet home that day.  I wandered down the aisle glancing in the individual cages.  Most of the cats  immediately started meowing and rubbing against the bars, demanding to be petted.

I stopped in front of one cage where a very jowly tuxedo gentleman regarded me calmly. ” This one looks just like the “Godfather” sitting perched there like that,” I thought. “I hope he finds a good home soon.”

Then I heard it….”Mom”

Oh yes, I knew that breathless tone of wonder well. At that moment, I knew, whatever was in that cage that my teenager was enthralled with was going home with us.

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty

Inside the cage was a brown Tabby. There was something strange about the cat, though. It took me a minute before I realized; the cat had no ears!

This particular cat had come in as a stray during the winter. Unfortunately, due to frostbite, her ears had simply fallen off shortly after she was rescued. It was this physical quirk that had captured my daughter’s heart.

I filled out the paperwork while my daughter cooed at the newest member of our family. Armed with the borrowed carrier, we headed off to the Drs. Foster and Smith store to get “Kitty” a full set of supplies. I did not want to assume that my Tortie, Gypsy, would be willing to share her litterbox and food dishes with the newcomer.

Kitty has settled in nicely to our home. While she and Gypsy, my other cat, may never be great friends, they do seem to have arrived at an agreement to tolerate each other.  She is deaf, likely due to the damage to her ears, but that has not slowed her down any. Any stationary lap is good enough for her!

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