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Bloggers’ Choice Dog Treats

by DFS-Pet-Blog on November 25, 2009

**Guest post from Ellen B.**

Whether using dog treats for training or just for fun, it’s nice to offer your dog variety of treats. To help you find new “tried and true” treats for your dog, our blog authors offer their top recommended treats based on their dog’s preference.

Ellen with her dog, Kobe

Ellen with her dog, Kobe

Ellen B. – My dog particularly likes the sweet potato dog treats. They have a chewy, not crunchy texture, and I think that makes them different from the average dog treat. I buy the fries shape because they easily cut into small pieces for trick training.
Melissa R. – At agility trials, Mocca gets “The Good Stuff”! Anything with liver seems to be her favorite. In particular I like our Chewy Bits Treats because they are small enough to fit in a pocket and I can pinch off little bits to keep Mocca interested while we wait in line for our run. Afterwards, I reward her with the old favorite Freeze Dried Liver Treats as they are especially potent and she LOVES them. In between courses, I like to treat Mocca with something that has a bit more CHEW to it so I give her a variety of our Sweet Potato Treats. The rest of the time, we always have a good stash of Bite-Sized Biscuits available for all dogs to enjoy!

Mocca loves liver treats!

Mocca loves liver treats!

Thielman_FNL2 Chris T. – If my dogs could vote, their favorite treat would have to be our pig ears! These treats give them a tasty, satisfying chewing experience and are a good source of protein as well. There are different sizes and styles to fit any dog’s preference. Try them all and let us know which one your dog likes best!
Tina C. – Karma, my lab mix, doesn’t like regular rawhides. I wanted to give her something that would help with dental care in between brushings and still be a tasty treat for her. When I get home each day, she heads straight to the pet cabinet where her treats and food are stored. She knows that there is a Pup–RRR-Mint dog treat inside just waiting for her. blog-Tina_01

Grif, working hard

Griffy, working hard

Keri K. – We don’t have a dog, but I regularly supply my in-laws with treats for Griff, their 10-year-old black lab. Griff is not too picky, but one of his clear favorites is rawhide. It gives him something to keep occupied during the day or when he’s out in his doghouse. I like Premium Rawhide Bones because they come singly, so they’re like a special present when we visit, and I can switch up the flavors. They also take him a little longer to demolish than chips or sticks. Otherwise, for everyday “sit” and “shake” rewards, there’s a ready supply of one-chomp-sized Meaty Treats or Bits (he likes them all!).
Barb S. – When I get home from work, both Newfs, once they are done greeting me, do a nice “Sit” right in front of the refrigerator as they look back and forth from the top of the fridge to my face, They know that the fridge top is where I keep the treats, and they also know that I can’t help but melt and give them treats when they look at me like that! Generally, I give them small rawhide sticks, because I can supervise them easily while they eat them. Dulse, the old one, snaps his up, while Rudder takes his time, savoring each bite, and parading it around like he has a cigarette in his mouth.Because of Dulse’s dental problems, I have had to temporarily switch them to a softer treat, like Liver Snax or Pampered Pet Treats. A friend recently gave me some Pegetables to try and, although Dulse cannot have anything hard right now, Rudder seems to love them and I feel good giving them to him because they are made with real vegetables.

Even though the treats may be small, because I am constantly watching their weight, they relish them as if they were big treats, because they come from my hand, and that seems to be half the joy for them.


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Ellen B. November 18, 2010 at 9:16 am

Mary H. is the lucky person who will receive a 2-lb container of Healthy Snax Sweet Potato Treats! Thanks to everyone who shared your story. There are a lot of lucky dogs with “pawsome” families!

Liz Hartley November 18, 2010 at 10:51 am

Zoey loves sweet potato treats. AND I love that they are good for her.
BTW, Zoey is my nine year old Carin terrier.

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