A Horse of a Different Color

by DFS-Pet-Blog on October 4, 2009

**Guest post from Monica S.**

Notta's parents, Harley and Gero

Notta's parents, Harley and Gero

You may remember that in my last post about Notta, I said he was a beautiful, rich bay. Well, the little trickster is at it again. As he got a bit older, he began to shed out of his fuzzy baby fur. Underneath was a sleek, shiny BLACK coat! There he was … pitch black with a white stocking on his right hind ankle. Not quite the pinto everyone had been expecting, (his parents are in the photo to the right) but black’s good. He has wonderful conformation and is so tall. Such a handsome fella!

Not only is he handsome, he’s a stinker (in a good way). Its been a LONG time since I have been around young foals and I have forgotten how everything is a potential game for them. They mouth you, you scold them, so they do it again! Such little devils! But, along the way, I have noticed how incredibly smart he is.

Sue, his owner, started desensitizing him immediately, and it has done wonders for his confidence. You can rub all over him with a plastic bag, pick up his feet, pop open an umbrella … he takes it all in stride! All the work she has done with him makes him a joy to handle. He can easily be brought in from the paddock.

Notta playing with his Jolly Ball

Notta playing with his Jolly Ball

The energy he has! Why can’t we bottle that stuff? Anyone with toddlers will agree, they just go and go and go … and then they sleep. Watching him bounding around the paddock with his mom is so much fun. He’ll run around like he’s in the Kentucky Derby, and then race back to mom. One of his favorite toys is an Apple Scented Jolly Ball. He’ll kick it, pick it up and toss it, kick it again. He’s also incredibly helpful when you’re cleaning the paddock! 😉 Nothing like a little foal nose sniffing around the wheelbarrow to make you smile. One day, he was even knocking the manure out as I was putting it the wheelbarrow! That was fun!

For his latest trick, he snuck through the fence while he and Harley were out enjoy some yummy grass. Sue was in the garden (just across the driveway from the barn) and she heard the tell-tale sound of the vinyl fencing being pushed on. She took a peek, and sure enough, there’s Notta in the “Old Mare” paddock, with Harley in their paddock panicking. He thought it was the bees-knees! Sue had to quickly close the gate between the grazing part of the paddock (where the 3 mares were) and the barn area. Then she had to usher Notta back into the barn, out through his and Harley’s stall, and finally back to where Harley was frantically waiting for him. All the while, Notta was having the time of his life!

All is fun and games when you are a carefree foal but soon Notta’s life will be quite different. Soon, it will be weaning time …

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