How It All Began, My Addiction To Koi

by DFS-Pet-Blog on August 25, 2009

Koi Pond **Guest post from Heath S.**

It all started on a vacation, away from one of northern Wisconsin’s long cold winters.  The resort had this unbelievable koi pond on the grounds teaming with some of the most beautiful koi I had ever seen.  On the flight back, I looked at my wife and said let’s dig a pond when we get back home, she laughed and said ok, not thinking I would go through with it.

As it happened, we arrived home on a late March weekend with unseasonably warm weather.  All of the snow was melted in a small area near my garage and I decided to dig.  “This can’t be too difficult” I said to myself as my wife just chuckled, “you better ask someone who knows what they are doing” she said.

After two solid days the hole was dug and there I sat, scratching my head.  What next?   What type of pump do I need? Do I need a filter? How does the water stay in the hole I just created?  All of the things I skipped over before beginning my endeavor.

Well, after researching Drs. Foster and Smith’s pond articles, pond supplies and the vast knowledge of the web, I decided to purchase what I thought I needed.  The pond itself was approximately 500 gallons.  I couldn’t tell you as I just dug not considering I would have to somewhat know how many gallons of water would be in the pond, how much water to filter, what size pump I would need, how many fish I could have, and not to mention defeating the algae attack.  Another topic we will get into later, I spent two summers not being able to ever see the fish, nothing but pea soup that some simple solutions have provided me with years of crystal clear water.

My first pump was a Pondmaster Mag-Drive able to pump 675 gallons per hour.  That should be fine I thought.  Drs. Foster & Smith’s website recommended an underlayment as well as the EPDM Pond Liner.  I figured there was no need for the underlayment, later on we will get into the hole in the liner from a rock puncture.  What a disaster that was.  Now a filter, I decided on a Pondmaster Submersible filter for ponds up to 600 gallons.  That should be perfect I thought.  Now how does all of this go together I questioned myself and again referenced the Drs. Foster & Smith website.  1/14” Non-Kink Tubing, Plastic Hose Clamps, some MPT Adapters and don’t forget the Handi-Foam, what a life saver that ended up being when I decided to add a waterfall the following year.

I got everything home and started putting it in place, half a day later I began filling my newly installed pond.  So much excitement and now onto the fish.  What I learned from over stocking next time.

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T October 13, 2010 at 2:06 pm

As a general rule, if I have goldfish in a small garden pond, when does the temperature of the water reach 50 degrees based on the temperature outside? Does it have to be 50 degrees outside consistently first, or does the water temperature usually get colder faster?
Thanks for any help.

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