How Fluffy Was He?

by DFS-Pet-Blog on August 20, 2009

**Guest post from Monica S.**

Fluffy basking

Fluffy basking

My boyfriend Duane has ALWAYS wanted a lizard. 

Some important issues we had were:

  • ease of care
  • total adult size
  • health & feeding requirements
  • housing needs
  • ease of handling

After much research online, he decided that an Argentine Black & White Tegu was the best match.

Tegus are monitor lizards, the same family as Komodo Dragons. We searched online for a place to purchase our tegu and found Agama International Herpetocultural Institute Inc. owned and operated by Bert Langerwerf. Bert, who has since passed away, was a well-known and highly respected breeder of tegus, and was instrumental in helping us find the right tegu.

Fluffy (yes, I know, he’s not fluffy, it started as a joke and stuck) arrived via one-day air to our Receiving department here at Drs. Foster & Smith in mid-September, 2006.

Fluffy Soaking

Fluffy Soaking

We were expecting a hatchling and had his new home all ready for him. He was 16″ long the day he arrived! Opps … time to buy a bigger tank, and FAST! Thankfully, we have aquariums available for purchase at our Retail Store.

So, armed with our new baby, a 55-gallon aquarium, proper lighting and heat, and a LOT of Eco Earth, we set off for home and our new journey into the world of large lizard husbandry.

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