Parrot Bird Toys – To Each Their Own

by DFS-Pet-Blog on July 14, 2009

Contessa, Keith's 28-year old Amazon.
Contessa, Keith’s 28-year old Amazon.

**Guest post from Keith G.**

I have three parrots at home – a Green-cheeked Conure, a Maroon-bellied Conure, and a Red-lored Amazon – and not one of them are alike in personality. Contessa, the 28-year old Amazon, thinks she’s a model, having graced the cover of the Doctors Foster and Smith bird catalog once. I’m pretty sure she’s waiting for Hollywood to call next. Chicken, a 6-year-old Green-cheek, is a bit skittish, and she always appears a little socially awkward, kind of like me when I was a freshman in high school. Kiwi, a 6-year-old Maroon-belly, is the fearless brat of the group, and is usually getting himself in trouble one way or another. Three different birds, three different personalities. Is it any wonder then that they all like different types of toys?

Contessa, like most cover models, is proud of her appearance, sBird Toyo she loves spending hour upon hour dancing with her reflection in the Talk N’ Play Bird Toy. I like to get in on the fun by pressing the buttons on the toy, which make it repeat one of four different phrases: “Hello”, “I Love You”, “Hahahaha”, and “Calling All Birds.” If you want to know what the toy sounds like, you can preview it here. Contessa really likes it when I push the “I Love You” button, of course. Her eyes get real big and she lets out a really pretty call. She also enjoys the Hall of Mirrors because she can see her reflection, but it’s not as interactive as the Talk N’ Play.

In addition to mirror toys, my Amazon also really loves foraging and shredding toys. Every Christmas Contessa gets a treat pinata, filled with her favorite treat, Nutriberries, which she promptly shreds to bits. More of the Nutriberries end up on the floor than in her mouth, but she always finds her way to the bottom of her cage to clean up any errant treat bits left behind.

Stack O Tiles Bird ToyOur two Conures, Chicken and Kiwi, share a Select Series Villa Cage, but each bird has their own preference for toys. Chicken, the Green-cheek, prefers colorful toys that she can chew on, such as the Stack ‘O Tiles Hanging Bird Toy, and the Twiggy Hanging Bird Toy. She has a tendency to featherpick, so I always make sure there are plenty of chew toys for her to play with. Also, being that she’s a bit of a scaredy cat, I always put the new toys on the outside of the cage first for a few days so she can get acclimated to them before I put them in the cage.

What’s your bird’s favorite toy? Do you have any recommendations for Contessa, Chicken, or Kiwi? Let me know by posting in the comments section!

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Pat McNicholas September 15, 2009 at 11:59 pm

You are so right about different toys for different birds. I have a sun conure that enjoys rampant destruction be it hidey huts or space saucers, a chronically ill tiel that still will play with a shredder but the ex king of toys is a bad boy budgie named Skyler. His first two years with us, Skyler never met a toy he didn’t immediately figure out and play with. I ordered the gamut of small toys from the Foster and Smith catalogues, but the two favorites were the play and talk and the motion detecter mirror. At first Skyler loved the “cell phone” but not the recordings-he was able to kiss it, bang it and not set it off. Then after a month he accidentially pushed a button and we applauded. That was it for over two years ;whenever Skyler felt a little attention was needed he pressed and pressed. We went through several phones and a huge amount of batteries. The only reason his love affair with the “phone” has abated is because of the introduction of a certain young female budgie—Maybe he’ll soon press “I love you” for her!!!

The motion mirror is another great toy.You record a short message and it’s easy to set off(At first Skyler set it off by banging another toy against it, then learned to stick his beak in the hole, and eventually set it off by just bobbing his head in front–my smart boy). Of course, with all the constant phrases you would think Sky would talk—No! But Holly the female is repeating all the words.

All the birdie love the wooden bucket of toys–and I also put lots of popsicle sticks in that and some “finger puzzles” along with the wooden toys that came with item.
Another fun item is the purple pyramid–I put toys and nutraberries in that one for my conure. But she tends to beat it up if there aren’t treats inside.

I also like to use the different kabobs I have purchased and really vary the fruits and veggies–the tiels are not as delighted but the sun and budgies have as much fun hanging, swinging, tearing as they do eating the foods.

Ps. Thanks for including birds on this website

Keith G September 16, 2009 at 8:25 am


Thanks for your comment. That’s great that you found some toys your birds enjoy – ours can be a bit finicky at times, but luckily I have a pretty wide assortment here to choose from. About the talking thing – I hear ya – our Amazon still hasn’t figured out how to say anything…but our little conures have, which I’ll be mentioning soon here in an upcoming post. Keep in touch and let us know if Sklyer ever presses the “I Love You” button for her, k?

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