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Feeding for the CureMichigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine is a recognized leader in canine and feline cancer research and treatment. Drs. Foster and Smith wants to support Michigan State University (MSU) in their efforts in these areas. The goal? An Annual Donation of at least $50,000!!! Read More Here

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The holidays are here again! As always, we wish you and your pets the merriest — and safest — holiday season. The following tips can help you avoid pet-related holiday hazards, helping to ensure health and happiness all season long.

  • Do not feed your dog “people food.” Most indulgent holiday foods will hard your dog’s digestive system and his overall health. Instead, give a treat-filled KONG toy.
  • Holiday-Safety-Tips-Dog-blogKeep all alcohol and tobacco away from dogs. Alcohol or tobacco consumption can be fatal.
  • Safely contain all trash (especially food garbage) to prevent ingestion of items that may cause digestive upsets and/or dangerous blockages.
  • Elevate holiday plants like holly, mistletoe and poinsettias. Holly and mistletoe are very poisonous to dogs.
  • Keep decorations, wrapping supplied and gifts out of your dog’s reach. Ingestion can cause dangerous reactions and/or blockages.
  • Do not leave gifts for your dog underneath the tree. He may decide to unwrap them without supervision.
  • Protect your Christmas tree and ornaments from breakage and/or ingestion. Hang glass or other fragile ornaments up high. You can also place Scat Mats or X-Mats around your tree to help keep inquisitive pets away.
  • Ensure your dog’s comfort with visitors before you hosting a holiday bash. Add calming pheromones to his space with Comfort Zone with D.A.P. If necessary, use a gate to confine him to a quiet area.

Most importantly, amid the hustle and bustle, find time to relax and enjoy the holidays with your dog.

Click here for even more pup-calming tips!

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How To Travel With Pets During the Holidays

by Drs. Foster and Smith November 20, 2014

Tis’ the season for traveling. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, most long-distance holiday travel — about 90 percent! — is by car. So, whether you’re heading south to a warmer climate or packing up and heading north to spend time with friends and family, don’t forget to keep pets safe as you pile […]

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Our Puppy is Two! Happy Birthday, Emme.

by Melissa R. November 19, 2014

I can’t even believe it – how did my cute little puppy turn into a full-fledged two-year-old DOG? I remember thinking I couldn’t WAIT for her to be older….two seemed like a good age. And so far, it is. TRAINING: We continue our Agility training, and have been to a number of competitions this year. […]

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Lutino Cockatiel Rules the Roost

by Drs. Foster and Smith November 14, 2014

Frank is an adopted Lutino Cockatiel that rules the roost in Barb’s household. Take a peek at how Frank stole this Drs. Foster and Smith employee’s heart. QUICK STATS: Name: Frank (Short for Franklin Delano Cockatiel) Companion: Barb S. Species: Nymphicus hollandicus/ Lutino (white with yellow crest) Cockatiel Birthday: Unknown, but around September 1, 2007 […]

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2nd USDAA Agility Trial Recap

by Melissa R. October 6, 2014

My 21 month old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever pup and I headed out to our 2nd USDAA agility trial a couple weeks ago. After enjoying our first one earlier this summer, I scoped out a few more in the area to try. This one was indoors at a newer facility we had never been […]

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Thumbnail image for The Importance of the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR)

The Importance of the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR)

by Katharine Hillestad, DVM October 1, 2014

Sometimes people post questions about their animals here on our blog and feel frustrated when, instead of giving them detailed medical recommendations for their animal, we recommend they talk to their own veterinarian. Several people have asked us why we do this, so we thought we’d explain in case you were wondering.

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Children and Pets: 5 Tips to Keep Both Safe

by Claire H. September 24, 2014

Children, by nature, are inquisitive and hands on. When it comes to pets, this isn’t always a good thing. Here’s 5 tips I’ve found useful to assure the safety and happiness of both my kids and the pets they encounter.

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CLOSED: Feeding for the Cure Photo Photo Contest Finals!

by Drs. Foster and Smith September 15, 2014

Thank you to everyone who participated! The winners and where they chose to donate the $100 gift certificates to are: Cayman and Bailey’s donation will be sent to the Humane Society of Greater Savannah Gilbert’s donation will be sent to A Helping Wing Parrot Rescue Boomer and Ellie’s donation will be sent to the Humane […]

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Feeding for the Cure Photo Contest: Semi-Finals

by Drs. Foster and Smith September 10, 2014

There will be 5 WINNERS of the Feeding for the Cure Photo Contest. Each will be able to pick a non-profit pet organization to receive a $100 gift certificate for Drs. Foster and Smith! TO VOTE FOR SEMI-FINALISTS: All images can be found here. Each like will count as a vote for that image. You […]

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Puppy or Adult Dog: Which is for You?

by Melissa R. September 5, 2014

If you are thinking about getting a dog for the first time, you may want to ask yourself this question first. Do you want a puppy or adult dog? There are many options out there when getting a new family member – you don’t have to start off with a puppy. Who might not want […]

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Feeding for the Cure Photo Contest – How to Enter

by Drs. Foster and Smith August 25, 2014

Enter to win the Feeding for the Cure Photo Contest and you can help the non-profit pet organization that means the most to you!

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Our First USDAA Agility Trial Recap

by Melissa R. August 18, 2014

My 20-month-old pup and I just returned from our very first USDAA Dog Agility trial (United States Dog Agility Association). I have only competed in AKC in the past, but a group of friends were going to this trail so we decided to make a fun weekend of it. We headed off Friday afternoon (it […]

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Chicken Sitting: City Slickers Can Have Rural Genes, Too!

by Barb S. August 13, 2014

Barb has the pleasure of chicken sitting when her neighbors are away. Here’s her account of her most recent sitting experience.

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